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Lok Sin Tong Lee Yin Yee Kindergarten is one of the non-profit-making kindergartens under Lok Sin Tong, Kowloon. Thanks to Mr. Lee Yin Yee, BBS, MH generous donation for the purchase of school equipment and learning resources, the school was named " Lok Sin Tong Lee Yin Yee Kindergarten" in recognition of its virtue.

The school takes "Benevolence, Love, Diligence, and Honesty" as the school motto, focusing on children's establishment of good morals, rich knowledge, correct outlook on life and balanced development, and work hand in hand with families to cultivate children's healthy growth. The school focuses on whole-person development, nurturing children's physical and mental health, creating a pleasant learning environment, so that children are willing to learn, so as to cultivate good learning attitudes and living habits; attaching importance to teacher professional training, so that the school can achieve high-quality development in teaching and learning

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